Why Join The MTA

Why Join The MTA

The original Montana Tavern Association was created in 1937 by a group of nearly 300 tavern owners for the mutual protection and benefit of its members with a purpose to provide advice, direction, and assistance to all members. It aided members in the promotion of trade and supported regulations that served the group’s interests while cooperating with the Montana Liquor Control Board. Now, over 75 years later and nearly 800 members strong, the Montana Tavern Association remains true to its founding principles with a mission to preserve and enhance the hospitality industry in Montana.

Member Benefits

Buying Power

Leverage the significant buying power of the MTA and enjoy substantial savings on worker’s comp premiums and on property and liability insurance.

Special Discounts

Save on credit card processing and check verification services along with discounted promotional products to keep your business top of mind. 

Training Services

Members and their employees are offered discounted TIPS training on responsible alcohol service through MTA’s website.

ABL Membership

Automatic dual enrollment in the American Beverage Licensees provides you with access to all the services and programs it offers. 

Legislative Action and Support

Full-time professional lobbyist and a Political Action Committee to ensure that your voice is heard and to protect the future of your business. Membership grants you the right to vote on important issues that face our group. Full-time administrative staff in addition to a 24/7 hotline to keep you informed.

We Advocate For The Industry

  • MTA retains a full-time lobbyist and participates in policy making, including legislation, at the State & National levels, ensuring the industry’s position is well communicated to policy makers.
  • MTA was instrumental in legalizing video gambling in Montana and works to protect your rights under fair tax and regulatory frameworks. MTA was also successful in bringing line games into Montana.
  • MTA fights continuously to protect the valuable investment you have made in your license to sell alcoholic beverages, the backbone of your business.
  • MTA succeeded in getting legislation passed that reasonably limits the scope of your liquor liability and restricts the use of “special” beer and wine permits, which infringe upon your business. We were also instrumental in making it an offense for a minor to attempt the purchase of alcohol.
  • In cooperation with other industry supporters, MTA gained regulatory approval of improved gaming machine technology and offerings, such as multiple gaming cabinets and bill acceptors.

We Provide Membership Support

  • The MTA Annual Convention provides Political & Regulatory panels and debates, high profile guests, and an industry trade show where members can connect with vendors representing innumerable goods & services.
  • The annual convention provides ample networking and social events including golf, clay shoots, tours, and more.
  • We conduct our MTA General Session and Business Meeting each year where members vote, deciding political, business, and industry wide issues.
  • MTA equips members with reliable candidate information to serve as a guide in political elections.
  • MTA has initiated and been a major participant in the development of programs and services for the betterment of the industry and citizens in general. Examples include Server Training, and Research and Education programs.
  • MTA is affiliated with and supplies copy and editorial support to the MONTANA TAVERN TIMES, the indisputable industry news source in the state.
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