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Big Sky Gas Rebate

Big Sky Gas has been approved by the Montana Public Utilities Comission to market natural gas service in areas now serviced by Northwestern Energy and Energy West and can provide gas at substantial discounts, frequently as much as 20%

Distribution of the gas and maintenance will still be handled by Northwestern Energy and Energy West and there is no charge in the physical delivery of the gas.  The only change is separate billing from Big Sky Gas at lower rates. There are no installation charges or long term contracts.

Additional Benefits for MTA Members

Big Sky gas will rebate one cent per therm of gas usage directly to the members.

With typical Bar/Restaurant usage varies but some members may see as much as $100 per year. This is an EXCLUSIVE MTA member benefit. Only MTA members will receive this rebate.

Big Sky Gas will donate one cent per therm of total membership usage to MTA to help fulfill our mission to preserve and enhance the hospitality industry.

With membership participation in the Big Sky Gas this program helps add significant dollars to help MTA provide more value to our members.

To sign up your business through the MTA visit bigskygas.com/mta or use the contact form on the right. 

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