When Cashing a Video Gambling Ticket Voucher

Check out this brief tutorial that teaches you how to protect yourself and your business when paying out a machine ticket. Great resource to share with staff!

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Business Calculators

Food Cost Calculator

Free Online resource to calculate food cost.

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Pour Cost Calculator

Helpful resource to help owner/operators calculate pour cost for liquor.

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Business Development

BEAR Grants

(Business Expansion and Retention) The Montana BEAR program is supported by local community entities that provide staff and financial support so that local business owners and operators are able to access much needed resources allowing them to improve and/or expand their businesses.

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‚ÄčOn-Site TIPS Program Trainers

List of on-site training professional from around the state.

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Montana Approved Alcohol Server Training Providers

Responsible alcohol sales and service training is mandatory in the state of Montana. Liquor license holders must ensure that all employees who serve or sell alcohol, their immediate supervisor and the licensee, if they serve or sell themselves, are trained through a state approved training provider.

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